“The times when I get into the most trouble painting is when I think I can capture the quality of the moment, and of course this is impossible. It doesn’t work that way. It captures you, not the other way around. My 'wanting' things to be different can get in the way of merely 'seeing' where to go next. Being out of alignment with what is happening in the moment can leads to a downward spiral of negative self talk. It's natural to feel good when things are working well, and get rattled when they are not. All this is very natural but unnecessary. Negative self talk is a learning behavior which is good news because it means it can be unlearned. Negative self talk is creating the ‘problems’ where, a minute before, there were just painting situations being simply and directly addressed. Once this kind of thinking is noticed, it's grip dissolves, and attention is free again.”  

Elizabeth Locke