“I don’t know if it’s you seeing more or the forms revealing more of themselves to you, but when it happens, it’s quite a surprise and a delight. Science has shown how the observer changes that which is being observed. Artist are observers, and when we observe with what I call ‘an open focus’, meaning without preconceptions and judgments, the objects seem to reveal more of themselves to us. Maybe the objects feel ‘seen’ or loved much like we do, when someone really sees us or gets us. They respond to that attention by blossoming, just like we do. Whatever it is, it’s not about doing something to make it happen. It’s more a matter of not doing too much but staying alert. Then that quality of beauty seems to emerge, and hopefully some of that quality emerges in the work as well. It’s awkward trying to talk about it. I’m trying to put words to something that can’t be captured by words.”

Elizabeth Locke